The repairs at Currioman Landing have been a semi-regular feature of the Board of Supervisors meetings ever since the erosion damage at the boat landing was discovered a couple of years ago. The dock was in need of repair, and the boat landing itself was badly eroded. Since then, Docks of the Bay was tasked with dredging the landing and making repairs. At last week’s meeting of the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator Norm Risavi gave an update during his comments period. According to Risavi, the project may be only a few weeks from completion at the time the meeting was held.

“They’re about 90% complete,” he stated, “They have to do a little more dredging to meet the bid specifications designed by the engineer.”

Risavi continued: “It should take several days, assuming the weather cooperates. The grass on the spot also has to be planted.”

Risavi was also talking about asking for the addition of some riprap to protect the site from suffering more extreme erosion damage, noting that it would be the definition of frustration to have spent half a million dollars on fixing up a spot of land and then have something upstream adversely affect the spot.

Once the job at Currioman is complete, the next stop is Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point, which has eroded considerably since the last time it was dredged in 2014. This will allow residents in the area to maintain access to Machadoc Creek and the Potomac River through a man-made inlet channel which has, in the recent years, narrowed into a small slot.