Chandler's Mill Pond

The Chandler’s Mill Pond, which had finally had water in it after having spent the last five or so years empty, had to get drained again after the severe storms that rolled through a few weeks ago. The matter came up during the Montross Town Council meeting last week during the Town Manager’s report.

According to the Town Manager, Patricia Lewis, Steven Living of the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources sent Westmoreland County Administrator Norm Risavi an email, which Risavi then forwarded to Lewis. In it, Living stated that after the storms on November 12, their engineers were working on a full assessment of the dam. The floodgates were opened to mitigate the risks of an “adverse event.” As of the time of the writing, there are no structural issues with the dam. Once the engineering assessment is completed and any alterations are done, then the floodgate will be closed.

According to Vice Mayor Terry Cosgrove, the pond’s waters actually flooded the roadway, something that has never happened before. Lewis attributes this to the normal water level of the pond being much higher than it was previously.