Bidding the school board farewell

Patricia Lewis steps down from school board; remains Town Manager

The December meeting of Westmoreland County’s School Board marked the final time that Patricia Lewis would be attending the meetings from a board member’s chair. Having served on the school board for one term, she did not seek reelection this year. However, before she departed, the rest of the school board had a little present for her.

“It’s a bit of a sad recognition,” Chairman Fallin commented as he stood in front of the board and audience alongside Lewis, “but on behalf of the Westmoreland County School Board, school administration, and the division itself, I’m presenting you with this plaque that recognizes your four years of service. You will be greatly missed.”

With the plaque handed off, each other member of the board got to give their parting words to Lewis, thanking her not just for her time spent at the board, but also for her aid in keeping them focused on tasks at hand.

“I appreciate all of your passion for the students and the expertise that you brought to the board,” Vice Chairman Dr. Wallace proclaimed. “Thank you for your wisdom.”

Iris Lane spoke next, thanking Lewis for her caring attitude: “You care about everyone in the school system, and it showed in everything that you did. You will be greatly missed.”

“I know you’ve been a supporter of the school board for many years, even before you were on it,” Chairman Fallin added. “You’re very insightful, and you’ve been a tremendous help to me and the board, especially with the childrens education.”

Lewis gave an emotional farewell to the rest of the board.

“I want to thank everyone for their support while I’ve been on the board. It’s been a wonderful experience with wonderful people, students, principals and teachers. I only see things getting better and better after this… I love you guys.”

This was actually the second award that Lewis had been presented with, having also received the Westmoreland County Ruritan Club’s Citizen of the Year award at the monthly Ruritans meeting, this one held at the Art of Coffee in Montross. Lewis remains in place as the Montross Town Manager.

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