The Virginia School Board Association is working on changing up some policies for next year, particularly with regards to discipline. The VSBA’s convention was back in November last year, with 13 items up for consideration and discussion by the delegates from each school division. The update, given to the Westmoreland County School Board by its Chairman, Ralph Fallin, went into further detail during the board meeting in December. According to Fallin, three of the proposals voted on were removed from a block item vote to be voted on individually on whether to send to the General Assembly with their endorsement or not.

The first was the removal of attendance requirements for a school’s accreditation, a matter which passed over 80 votes of yes, and only 34 votes of no.

“I was surprised,” Chairman Fallin noted. “I wasn’t expecting it to even be that close. I mean, it passed, but not by the margin I was expecting.”

Attendance was a major problem for the Westmoreland County schools back when Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry first arrived, which in turn led to the “Strive for Less than Five” campaign in a bid to curb chronic absences to help get the county’s schools accredited. It paid off during the last couple of years when Westmoreland County’s public schools all became accredited once more.

The second policy matter that was brought up in Fallin’s update involved the scheduling of elections. Since Election Day is on Tuesdays, that has a tendency to become a student holiday as schools are frequently used for polling places.

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