Last summer, Bay Transit, the public transportation division of Bay Aging, initiated a campaign promoting its commitment to customer service and safety in confronting COVID-19. Bay Transit’s “Good to go!” campaign included advertising on the outside of several buses touting many of the safety protocols and best practices implemented to ensure drivers’ and riders’ safety. These measures included offering free rides on all Bay Transit buses to keep passengers and drivers from having to exchange money. 

“With plexiglass shields surrounding the driver’s seat on all buses, plexiglass partitions between passenger seats, limiting the number of riders for social distancing, daily cleaning and disinfecting of all buses, requiring drivers and riders to wear face masks, and even offering free hand sanitizer and face masks to any rider who needs them, we are employing best practices to ensure everyone’s safety,” said Ken Pollock, Bay Transit’s Director. “We continue to explore additional best practices that can be implemented to help keep everyone safe on Bay Transit’s buses,” he added.

Two additional safety enhancements are being deployed now to help Bay Transit become even more “Good to go!”  Last week, David Fols, Bay Transit’s Fleet Manager, installed a Freudenberg Filtration premium cabin filter in a Bay Transit bus. The filter is capable of trapping particles as small as .05 microns, less than one thousandth the thickness of a human hair. The Freudenberg filters are 99.9% effective at inactivating viruses. “We will make sure this style of filter doesn’t impact air flow and cooling capacity before moving ahead with installing them fleetwide,” Fols said. “Compared to HEPA filters, this design should minimally impact air flow in our buses while still providing industry leading air filtration.”

Fols has also installed touchless hand sanitizers on eight of Bay Transit’s buses. “We want to test their durability first,” Fols said. “If they hold up well, we will install them in the rest of the buses. We currently have the hand sanitizer sitting in plastic brochure holders and they keep getting broken. Every time three of the current plastic brochure holders get broken, we could have paid for a touchless hand sanitizer system so this transition will not only save us money, but it’s also better for our customers and creates less waste.”

For more information about Bay Transit and the Rivah Ride, visit or call the Ride Line at 877-869-6046.