While VDOT’s handling of the Friday floods was the highlight of their visit to the recent Board of Supervisors meeting in Westmoreland County, it was not the only thing that took place while George Bowman was there. Two sections of roadway, Route 655 and 639, also known as Troy Farm Road and Winter Harbor Road respectively, were designated as rural rustic roads by the Board after adopting a pair of resolutions.

As mentioned in previous articles, the Rural Rustic Roads program by VDOT is used to bring unpaved roads into the State’s Secondary road system, and is for roadways with primarily local traffic. In the case of both, the Board was unaware of any impending development that would affect the traffic currently on the road, and since both were on the Board’s six-year-plan for improvements in the Secondary Highway System, with the resolutions both adopted, the request has been sent to David Beale to see that both of these roadways are paved with asphalt.

Troy Farm Road is a stretch almost due south of Rollins Fork that runs past Leedstown Road, ending pretty much within spitting distance of the Rappahannock. Winter Harbor Road, meanwhile, is much further up the road, found over near Potomac Mills, essentially a hop, skip, and a jump from Flat Iron Road and the projects currently afoot there. With these two set for paving, that will be another set of roadways docked off the list that are waiting to be paved.