Warsaw will allow Chris Self to forego the mandatory hook-up to town water and have his own well.

Self’s property lies off of Selftown Rd, and is a family parcel that was initially Richmond County but was reannexed in the 1980s.

Self explained that he went to the county, which determined that if he ran a straight line it would be 1,337 feet. But that’s not even an option. Instead, for the line to be installed properly, it would need to span a distance of about 1,700 feet, cross 60 to 80 feet of wetlands, and at minimum he would need a four-inch pipe to provide the necessary pressure.

With the labor, the materials and the risk of expenses if the line ever froze, he requested a waiver based on hardship.  

“I would love to hook to town water. But I also have to look at cost too,” said Self.

“I don’t know of anyone else who would benefit from this type of exception as much as this property because of the distance and the terrain you have to go through,” said Councilmember Ralph Self.

Vice Mayor Paul Yackel also said he doesn’t foresee this same issue being a problem anywhere else in town. “The real purpose of the code requiring residents to have town water is because when the system was installed the only way Warsaw could afford it was to have everybody hooked on,” he added. 

Even if future annexing occurred councilmember Ogle Forrest said he also just can’t foresee this issue arising. “It’s a unique situation,” he said.

However, ahead of the unanimous vote Mayor Randy Phelps noted that there were two sides to consider. On one hand, requiring Self to stick to code and hook to town water would go above and beyond the costs normally expected of a homeowner. 

But, if the town made this hardship exception other people could also come before the town and ask for a hardship exception. And currently, there’s no criteria that defines a hardship situation. Right now, the town relies on “common sense and conversation.”

Therefore, Phelps said he wanted it “on the record and understood” that granting Self’s request means that councilmembers may have to entertain other requests from individuals claiming hardship though the circumstances may be different.