It was only a matter of weeks ago that Terry Cosgrove, the Mayor of Montross, paid a visit to the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors during their monthly meeting to show the plans for a proposed park. The proposal would turn a vacant lot over by the library and old jail into a public space for people to gather, play and take part in any number of other activities.

This is not the first time a proposal for a park has come up. Back in 2016, Darrin Lee, who is now a part of the board’s staff, proposed a plan to convert the previously-mentioned space into a public park, complete with a gazebo, children’s play area and several benches. There was also a proposal to have the park extend into the gully out beyond the turn on Route 3, creating an amphitheater, but as much as Mayor Cosgrove liked the idea, he left it out when drawing up his own proposal, which stuck to the old parking lot.

At last month’s meeting of the Montross Town Council, Town Manager Patricia Lewis laid out what hurdles remained for the project. The first and foremost is that a lease agreement needs to be drafted between the town and the county, which County Attorney Richard Stuart has been working on. Lewis encouraged the council to show up at the board’s meeting this month, though she also noted that the supervisors were already on board with the plan.

As for what benefits this could bring to the town, Lewis had plenty to list off as well.

“It’ll promote business in the town and many more things,” she explained. Mayor Cosgrove also pointed out in previous meetings that the space it would utilize was currently “defunct, unattractive and underutilized.” It’s also been speculated that it could be used as the location for a bus stop, if everything works out. 

More details will be hashed out at later meetings.