This letter is written in response to all those that have been bashing Rob Wittman over the last month.

Mr. Wittman saw evidence of voter fraud in Pennsylvania and questioned the outcome, which is his duty as a member of the House of Representatives. The Wittman bashers want you to think there was no voter fraud, but that is only because their party won and they don’t care. What would have happened if

Trump won?

When mail-in ballots became another way to vote because of COVID-19, I believe fraud happened but not enough to turn the election. I know of this type of voter fraud in Westmoreland County, Virginia so I am sure this could happen in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Again, in states that were not set up for mail-In ballots I believe fraud did happen, as did Mr. Wittman.

Rob Wittman is a moderate conservative as a recent letter to the editor stated, with the integrity and knowledge it takes to serve on the Armed Services Committee. I believe he keeps getting elected because he is a moderate, like most people are in his district. In my opinion, he will beat the radical left-wing candidate the democrats throw at him at every election.

In closing, please get over the “Trump Syndrome” that most democrats have been in for the past four years. Mr. Wittman never called 74 million U.S. citizens “deplorables,” as Hilary Clinton did. He never told his constitutes to harass Trump supporters at every turn as Maxine Waters did. He never told people to fight in the street because he lost as Tim Kaine did. No. He questioned fraud in a national election, which I would think democrats would want to know so that this practice can be avoided in the future.

-Kennon Morris,