Dear Editor,

I was a longtime state employee, working in both Republican and Democrat administrations, before retiring in 2014. I served as a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Corrections Section beginning in 1985 and was Chairman of the Parole Board during the McDonnell administration. We lived in Richmond for over 70 years before moving to the Northern Neck last year, primarily because Richmond’s Democratic city government was so dysfunctional, taxes were oppressive and services were minimal. We love living in the Northern Neck.

Our Delegate, Margaret Ransone, shares our conservative values and has capably represented the 99th District since 2011. I know her to be well respected in the General Assembly and responsive to the needs of all her constituents. She serves on three of the most important committees, Labor and Commerce, Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources, and the very important Courts of Justice Committee that takes a lead role in electing judges and overseeing the criminal justice agencies of the Commonwealth. Recent events with the Virginia Parole Board’s releasing many violent criminals without following the statutory and regulatory requirements are a perfect example of where Democratic politics are taking us. We need more Delegates like Margaret to take back a majority in the General Assembly and stand strong for public safety and effective and efficient government.

I hope you will vote to continue the proven leadership provided by Margaret Ransone. Election Day is November 2nd, but you can vote early by going to the Registrar’s Office or sending in an absentee ballot.

-William W. Muse