The education of the children of our community is one of the most important issues to us. Providing a quality education and a safe environment to learn in are two important elements of that goal. In light of this, it was astonishing that the Republican Party recently attempted to seat freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on the House Education committee. Greene is a well-known conspiracy theorist with a controversial take on reality. She believes that lasers from space caused the California wild fires last year. After being sworn in, she finally admitted she no longer believed her long stated claim that the 9/11 attack was staged. She also believes that the Parkland school shootings were fake. She was so proud of this claim, that she had herself videotaped harassing high school shooting survivor, David Hogg. Would you want this kind of person making decisions about the education of your child? Congressman Rob Wittman does. He voted in favor of her taking a seat on that committee. Why would he do that? Nothing could be more disrespectful to the community. Ask him why. Don’t be surprised if he wraps himself in the Constitution.

-Rob Rudick,

Colonial Beach