The acquittal of former President Trump in his impeachment trial was a foregone conclusion. Senator Mitch McConnell assured it when he refused to start the trial before the inauguration of President Biden, and then led the way for his Republican Party to vote for acquittal because the trial was not held while Trump was President (Catch-22). And, by the way, McConnell later stated that Trump was actually guilty of insurrection, just under someone else’s jurisdiction.

There were many jaw-dropping moments during the impeachment presentations. The pure cravenness of Trump not only refusing to send help to the beleaguered Congress, but also telling Congressman McCarthy (R - CA), “I guess they cared more about the election than you did Kevin” was exceeded only by Republican Senators willingness to easily forgive the instigator of the mob that trashed their workplace (the People’s House) killed and maimed their protectors, and spread feces over their walls. Where was their support for Blue Lives, and Law and Order, their respect for the Capitol Police officers who put their lives on the line to defend them (literally)? How can they look these officers in the eye, now, when they come to work? And, by the way, Trump fed his loyal Vice President to the mob with denigrating tweets, while he was still in peril.

What does this say about Congressman Rob Wittman, who even after the riot, still supported not certifying the electoral votes and was and still is complicit in pushing the Big Lie about election fraud stealing the election from Trump? Are his loyalties to the country or to a flawed personality?

-Rob Rudick,

Colonial Beach