After waiting to see what the Board of Supervisors would allocate for the coming year, Northumberland County’s school board adopted their budget at a special meeting Wednesday evening.

The board approved a total budget of $15,983,431 of which the county will supply $11,432,229, an increase of $300,000 over last year’s county contribution.

The increase allowed the school board to allocate an overall 3 percent pay raise to the school system’s teachers and staff although the actual amount each receives may not be three per cent because the Board created a new program for “step increases”, increases based on years of service. Until now, there were gaps between step increases but now there will be automatic increases every year from a teacher’s second year of service through his or her 35th. (The Board did not work out a full 35 year program for employees other than teachers.)

Under the new program the minimum pay for a starting teacher will be $37,000 and for a teacher with 35 years of service $61,070. Teachers who work more than the standard school months will be paid more.