As a Montross resident of six years, I am wondering why there is not more concern and action taken regarding our unsightly roadside trash? When people ask me how I like living in the Northern Neck, my reply is that I love everything about it, except the roadside trash.

Being a responsible citizen, I dedicate time to picking up litter on a regular basis but I don’t see others doing it unless someone is assigned to do community service using orange bags. I have put out a request for help in my neighborhood HOA newsletter, but have gotten no response. I have also written to my district supervisor, Russ Culver and Chairman Fisher, but have gotten no response.

This beautiful area is being defiled by those who choose to litter or don’t tie down their trash on the way to the landfill. People assume someone else will pick it up, or that groups adopt a highway. From what I have observed, none of this is happening.  It is up to local citizens and “come here’s” to take action and mobilize as groups to take on this momentous task. Many hands are needed. Those that are retiring here and have expensive, beautiful homes should notice that the roadsides look like dumping grounds and they should be concerned. I am!

With all the talk of environmental decay and climate change, removing roadside litter is something we can do if enough people want to make a difference. I hope to see some action taken in 2020 to clean up our town.

Cathy White,