Missing the lost hardwood

The front page story last week about the fire at the old Colonial Beach School brought back memories when I read that the Cracker Box gymnasium was ruined during the fire. In my basketball playing days for Warsaw High School for three years and Rappahannock for one year we would take the 30 minute bus ride to Colonial Beach with perhaps a false hope that at least we could put up a respectable effort against the well-oiled machine coached by A.C. Chester Holloman.

Mr. Holloman was a very fierce competitor, I think it was because of being brought up in the basketball ways of North Carolina of that era and he thoroughly trained his charges.

Needless to say, these guys schooled us on what basketball really was as we would be beaten horribly and head back to Warsaw wondering if we could ever raise to that level. The Cracker Box was much like what we had in Warsaw for our home court. It is sad to hear about the loss of the landmark.

Mac Lowery


Being good stewards of what we inherited

Wow!! Did I strike a nerve? The response on January 8 to what I thought was a relatively non-controversial letter to the editor was surprising.  I thought objections would be to my recommendation of a solution to the problem of climate change (putting a price on carbon) NOT that the faith community should not be involved because they had no credibility. Further, I do not believe that people since the eighth grade have been “bamboozled” by the language of science as was indicated. Our education system is much better than that, no:  “bamboozling” is the purview of other institutions.

There are a number of people that do not believe humans are causing climate change and a much larger number who believe humans are responsible.  I do not believe anyone denies our responsibility to act as stewards of the Earth.

The churches have, and always have had a major role in defining moral issues.  The faith communities in the Northern Neck are very effective and active in this area. The issue is not who should be held to what standards as indicated in the January 8 piece, but how we all make sure we protect Earth and preserve it for future generations. There is solid science warning us of major problems – like the medical doctor warning you that smoking causes cancer. The scientific community has clearly  explained the impact of humans on the climate:  how, why and where change is happening; and what is likely to happen in the future if we stay on our current high CO2 emissions pathway.  That is their role: to define the science and its impacts by following the God-given laws of physics, gathering data for hypothesis testing and reporting the results. The fifth major report on this scientific activity was released in September and documents the work of thousands of scientists.

The role of the faith community is to help us maintain our covenant with God and be good stewards of creation. The Iroquois Nation has established that we need to look seven generations ahead in our planning to preserve and protect Earth for those that follow.  My January 1 letter indicated how four religions have taken positions on this topic. Similar positions have been taken by virtually all major religions, and all for the same reason: we need to be good stewards of what we have inherited and recognize the needs and rights of those who follow. As President Teddy Roosevelt said:

The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased and not impaired in value.

Gregory T. Haugan, PhD

Citizens Climate Lobby


Where is the advocacy?

In  reference to the Northern Neck News December 25, 2013 edition in section B, page B3, Debutantes Represent… The photograph with this article illustrated that African-American young ladies did not make the cut.

How do African-American young ladies learn about “altruistic advocacy?”

By the way, how do Oriental, Hispanic and Native Americans learn such?

Warren Evans


-Editor’s note, the photo run was submitted by representatives of the Holly Ball with no intention of leaving anyone out.

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