Here are a few highlights of Menokin Baptist Church’s last trip to Haiti. It was a blessed trip and we thank all of you that continued to support us with prayers and donations towards our efforts in La Mer Frappee. Without community support for this biannual mission none of what I’m about to share would be possible.

We had a team of 9 team members on the May trip from the Northern Neck. We operated the medical clinic for 5 days seeing just over 500 patients with the help of two hired Haitian physicians, and three translators. We fundraised money for the cost of the medication and the physicians wages for the week.

We treated patients with  diabetes, hypertension,  bacterial infections, fungal infections, scabies, and a variety of other aliments. We dewormed everyone who came to the clinic who had not had deworming medication in the last 3 months. We provided deworming medication to all the school children (210 of them) and the staff. We even provided 6 months of multi vitamins for the school children until we return in October.

The construction team helped to finished a roof on the house we had financed the construction of prior to our arrival. We use hired Hatian community members to help whenever we can to give them jobs and to foster development of relationships with the teams and the community.

With donations we purchased materials for the permanent security wall going up around the current school property. Community members are involved in the construction of the wall. The church and school are bringing jobs, hope, and pride into this village community.

We again were blessed with donations to be able to continue the church congregation feeding program. This program provides a hot meal of beans and rice to anyone who comes to church on Sunday to learn about Jesus.

On Sunday, the team shared Daniel and the Lion’s Den with the Sunday School Children. Getting to color a picture of the Bible story with colored markers was a big hit. Everyone was excited to be able to take their creation home with them.

Pastor Gernard Reed traveling as a team member, preached the Sunday service using the help of a translator… he even managed to learn a bit of the Creole language  prior to the service to give part of his sermon… impressive.  After the Pastor’s message, we all helped serve the weekly Sunday meal to the congregation.

After church services, we headed off to an afternoon at Obama beach… beautiful and relaxing… and by Sunday of the trip it was a much needed break for the team and our hired Haitian translators and driver who accompanied us everywhere we went.

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Menokin Baptist Church will return to Haiti in October to share the Gospel.