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Transportation bill brings lawmakers together in opposition

Who would have guessed that most of our current crop of candidates running for the Office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, and a whole host of Republicans and Democrats, have found something all of them can agree.  The only except-Terry McAuliffe, Democratic candidate for Governor.

On the Republic side the notables are:  Attorney General Ken Cuccinell-Republican candidate for Governor, Del. Scott Lingamfelter-Republic candidate for Lt. Governor and Corey Smith-Chairman at Large, Prince William Board of Supervisor.  All Bob Marshall disciples, and we all know what a tower of knowledge Mr. Marshall, Virginia needs its own currency guy, is.

What would bring the far right of the Republican Party and most of the Democratic Party together?   Their opposition to the amended transportation bill that will be out of the Conference Committee soon.  The Democratic Party believes that our dangerous roads do not rise to level of being a Public Safety issue and Republicans believe that it’s just not that important if it involves a modicum of a tax increase.

To all of my friends, be it, Northern Virginia or the Northern Neck, the message is the same.  The Keys to the Kingdom is at hand!  Northern Virginia citizens have to face the fact that it can take thirty minutes to cross a street, with hours of loss time spent on the roads.  Those of us who spend our time in the Northern Neck understand most of the secondary roads are obsolete with little or no shoulder.  None of us can miss the ever growing white crosses, denoting where our neighbors left the road and met their end.  If you have reached the point that you want to someone done.  Call your General Assembly representative and ask them to support the amended transportation bill.


Charles Green

Colonial Beach

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