One hears of angels flying around but rarely sees them. Today, I not only saw 3 Angels but I interacted with them.

After eating my sandwich in Hardee’s parking lot – it was take out Tuesday you see – I tried to restart my car and the engine would not turn over. I repeated the process several time with the same result. Having forgotten my cell phone, I was dependent on others. So I began to ask various people waiting for their food to borrow their cell phone so I could call AAA. One person’s cell phone had no charge while a second said they had no cell phone. I went to the third car and was told, “I have a jump box, get your hood up and I will be over in a second.”

Sadly, the story does not end there as my 2012 Honda CRV has a hood release button but it is well hidden. My two angels were also unable to find it. Thankfully we saw a Warsaw Police vehicle and the officer gladly pulled in the parking lot to lend a hand. We all looked at the car’s manual and finally, our wonderful Warsaw Police Sergeant found the magic spot and up popped the hood. The charge box didn’t work but the jumper cables in the Police vehicle did and my car was running again.

I attempted to pay my first two angels but was rebuffed with this comment, “Put away your money. If I can’t help another human being, I don’t deserve to be living on this earth.”  All I could do was to say “Thank you.”

I did get the names of my angels so if you see them...please thank them again. There are wonderful people who live in our area and I met three of them today. Their names are Pearl Thompson, Dorothy, and Sgt. Headly of the Warsaw Police Department.

Thanks again for being willing to help.

Dr. Tommy Neuman,


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