At the end of last week a rumor was rampant in Northumberland County that MidCounty Rescue Squad would not transport COVID-19 patients. This rumor has proved to be untrue.

What happened, according to MidCounty member Joe Schlatter confirmed by county Emergency Service Director Wes Packet and MidCounty’s board secretary Debbie Evans, was that MidCounty had responded to an apparently routine call and when they reached the patient’s home, the responders were advised by a home health care provider that the patient was not simply ill but had Covid-19. That was where the trouble started.

The MidCounty responders began to “gear up” Schlatter said. When they did, they discovered that the protective suits the squad had bought when the pandemic struck were defective. One had a zipper that didn’t work and another tore. The crew, being unprotected, called for mutual assistance from the county’s paid squad which was provided.

While there are apparently some issues between MidCounty and the county and the state is investigating what went wrong on the call, none of that has anything to do with MidCounty’s transporting COVID-19 patients. It has obtained the needed equipment and is responding to COVID-19 calls.

“We are not refusing any type of calls,” said Evans. “To do so goes against the responsibilities of emergency medical responders.”

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