To say the Coronavirus has been brutal for business is an understatement. Covid-19 was the dominating topic at the meeting of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, especially with regards of how to help local businesses pull through the ordeal. According to the folks at the Warsaw Richmond County Main Street Program, the average small business has only enough cash on hand to cover 24 days. With the closure orders from Governor Northam lasting all the way into May, one can see how this could be a big problem. Thus, finding ways to help keep small businesses open during this mess is paramount.

One of the things mentioned during the CoC meeting was the CoronaBux certificate giveaway by the Warsaw Main Street Program, which was announced on April 9 by the WRCMSP. The MSP purchased credit with the businesses and created gift certificates known affectionately as “Coronabux.” Each business is given $200, which is estimated to cover about 2 months worth of utility bills.

Each day, a number of certificates are available to be won by residents currently stuck at home. The certificates are given out via the MSP’s Facebook page.

According to CoC member Sara Carrol, several people, herself included, have been collecting the names of various brick-and-mortar businesses in Richmond County, numbering at 47 back around the time of the program’s announcement, but is still on the lookout for any that were missed in the initial canvassing.

“If you know any businesses that know about it and have questions that haven’t been contacted,” Carrol commented during the meeting, “let me know. There are a few that could have slipped through the cracks, and we don’t want anybody to feel left out. Hopefully it all works out; it’s been going pretty good so far. If you know people interested in winning the certificates, make sure to tell them to follow and turn their notifications on.”


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