Colonial Beach Mayor Eddie Blunt ordered all beaches and parks in the town closed until the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

With the previous weekend being warm and people gathering on town beaches, parks, and playgrounds with little thought to social distancing the town placed cones, police tape, and signs ordering the closures.

Prior to the closing parks from the Torrey Smith Park at the Water Tower field to CastleWood Park were filled with children and adults. 

As the novel Coronavirus rips through the United States with more than 9600 deaths as of April 6, more guidelines are being passed down. The Centers for Disease Control is now calling for people to wear masks when in public.

Mask patterns can be found in numerous places online although many places are sold out of the items used to make them. Locals are crafting them for themselves and others at a frantic pace.

Colonial Beach also has planned an emergency meeting for Wednesday, April 8 through Zoom and on the town’s YouTube channel. In accordance with social distancing the council members will be at home connecting through their computers and phones.

While many people are starting to understand the devastation of the Coronavirus by perusing local Facebook pages and groups there are still a number of people who are disbelieving. Meanwhile, Westmoreland County has three confirmed cases at this time. It is not released where in the county the cases are located.

As Governor Ralph Northam called for state residents to stay at home until June 10, Virginia is looking toward  what could be the peak of the virus. Latest dates say the worst impact could hit around April 23, but this depends on how the people of the commonwealth respond to requirements.

The best way to prevent the transmission of the virus, staying at home, is not a possiblity for everyone. After that, frequent hand washing, not touching your face in public, social distancing, are the best way to stay safe.

With restaurants only serving takeout orders, fraternal organizations closed and all events canceled for the foreseeable future as well as schools closed for the remainder of the academic year, aside from work, grocery and pharmacy trips and exercise there is little to do outside of homes.

The Town Hall in Colonial Beach remains closed to the public at this time. Local restaurants have variable hours and should be contacted for information.