“Tax” is probably one of the ugliest words in the dictionary, akin to a 4-letter word despite having only three in it. However, add “relief” to the tail end, and you have things switched around. Back on Thursday, Westmoreland County’s Board of Supervisors went about establishing just that.

The resolution was unanimously passed by the Board, which had assembled at 9 in the morning that day. The resolution set to create an appropriation of a fixed sum of money, approximately $72,000 according to the County Administrator Norm Risavi, which will be used to provision tax relief to owners of personal use vehicles that are subject to the personal property tax. Risavi wound up going into detail on how all of this worked.

“We worked with the Commissioner of Revenue to where there would be 25% tax relief,” Risavi stated, “In comparing his actual figures from his book, in which he warned us that the value of used vehicles would go up. It did indeed go up significantly, and that has impacted the amount of relief being applied to the vehicles.”

Thus, personal use vehicles have to be valued at $1,000 or less to be eligible for full tax relief. From that point to a value of $20,000, the tax relief cuts to 25%. Above that point, there is no tax relief received for the personal use vehicle in question. Vehicles, such as motor homes, or those marked for business/ farm use, do not qualify for any form of tax relief under this program.