O'Biers Produce

By Michelle Smith

As usual, on the eve of Thanksgiving the O’Biers produce in Lottsburg closed for the season. The question is whether 2020 was the final chapter. And right now, there’s no concrete answer.

The owner, Wayne O’Bier, posted a notice telling customers that when the stand closed this fall, the shutdown may be permanent. But on the last day of operation for 2020, O’Bier hadn’t made a firm decision.

“I can’t say one way or the other. I haven’t made up my mind yet,” he said.

O’bier said given his age, closing the stand is probably something he should consider. But at the same time, “I really don’t want to give everything up… I might do some specialty stuff next year.” But “I really just can’t say,” he explained.

“For one thing, it depends on what my health will be like next year,” he said.  

“If O’Biers vegetable stand does close, they’re really going to be missed,” said Delores Mayol, who moved to the area about 16 years ago.

She lives on Glebe Road near the vegetable stand and likes the fact that it’s a family business. “I shop there everyday or every other day so I will miss them terribly,” she said.

She explained the convenience of being able to simply make a quick trip up the road to get what’s needed. And noted that with Callao Supermarket now closed, the loss of O’Bier’s would create a larger void.

After Callao Supermarket closed, her family started shopping at TriStar in Kilmarnock because they like the fact that it also is a family-owned business. Likewise, she said she’s sure there are other vegetable stands around that she could go to. “But I’m sure they are further away. If O’Biers closes, I’ll just have to find something,” Mayol concluded.

Beverly O’Bier said “it is a possibility,” the stand could close. “But I know my husband. He has produce in his blood. And if his blood is flowing and he’s not in pain he may be out there on a reduced scale,” she added.

Lottsburg produce stand may have closed its doors for the last time