It’s a rather upsetting that someone should be killed by an ambulance that is on its way with a patient to a hospital. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what happened to Margaretta Davis, a King George county resident, when an ambulance driven by William Watson blasted into the intersection she was crossing. Watson’s resulting trial on involuntary manslaughter charges ended in his conviction on January 29 in King George County’s circuit court.

The whole mess started back in 2018 when Davis, who was moving south down Route 301, got forced into a tree after Watson, who was transporting a patient from a nursing home in Colonial Beach to Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, ran the red light at the intersection at Edge Hill – where 205 and 301 meet – with his lights on but emergency siren off. Davis was pronounced dead at the scene.

Furthermore, Watson’s ambulance also hit a Maryland driver’s Volvo, though that driver escaped injury. The ambulance’s patient and the two on board emergency services workers were also injured.

Watson claimed that the sun’s glare in his eyes made him fail to realize he was at the intersection before it was too late. In the end, while Watson’s attorneys argued that the incident did not rise to the threshold needed to meet a conviction of manslaughter, maintaining that it was a horrible accident, Watson was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, reckless driving, and running a red light. While he will not be sentenced until May 7, the maximum penalty on his conviction is 10 years in prison. He currently remains out on bond.

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