The Richmond County Anti-Litter Committee and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) held a joint litter pickup on Wednesday, November 18 along a half-mile stretch of Route 630 (Wellfords Wharf Road) in Richmond County. A pickup load of trash was collected in just one hour.  

Currently, only four roads are adopted in Richmond County through VDOT’s Adopt A Highway Program. Together, these 4 adopted roads equal 10 lane miles, but there are 530 lane miles of roadway in Richmond County. VDOT’s Northern Neck Residency spent $70,000 picking up litter this fall within the residency, and $15,000 in Richmond County.

Virginia is for lovers, not litter! Volunteer in the effort to keep Virginia’s roadsides clean and safe. Visit to learn more, and click on “Do Your Part” to learn more about our Adopt a Highway program. To find out which roads are available for adoption in Richmond County, and throughout the Northern Neck, please contact the VDOT residency office at 804-333-3696.