Aubrey Withers, who has been a permanent fixture at Big L Tire for 31 years, started his career in the tire business working for first Elliott’s Tire for five years and then Montross Tire. When he began his career, there were only fifteen sizes of tires, but as vehicles changed with the times, so did the tire industry, causing the need for thousands of tire sizes to supply current consumers.

During his time on the road as salesman for Big L Tire, Aubrey has worn a few tires out himself with the many miles driven to customers in Maryland and across Virginia, and along the way, he has cultivated a reputation of honesty and trustworthy service, as well as always sharing a smile to improve someone’s day. And though selling tires was his job, making lasting friendships was his true joy. Aubrey is a man who centers his life around faith, family and friends, and those lucky enough to be the benefactors of his friendship wish him the best of luck as he turns the page to begin the next chapter in his journey with a much deserved retirement in March 2021. Aubrey would also like to personally thank all those who have allowed him to serve them over his career as a salesman in the tire business.