Kendall Lloyd (left), Hadley Foulk, Mary Lloyd, Ava Foulk and Jetzzabel Vega

The children and teens of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church organized “Undie Sundie” and asked the congregation to bring new undies, socks, and diapers to give to the kids at The Haven.  The congregation responded by donating even more than the youth expected: 283 undies, 56 socks, and assorted diapers for the children.  11-year-old parishioner Hadley Foulk said, “Undie Sundie was really fun.  I enjoyed thinking about it as you’re getting underwear for people your age.  It was fun to see all the people participating.  I was really surprised how many people gave underwear and how much we got.”

Hadley’s mother, Susan Foulk, had read about a similar event in a publication of an Episcopal women’s organization called Daughters of the King.  She liked the idea and suggested it to the priest at St. Stephen’s, the Rev. Lucia Lloyd.  Rev. Lloyd thought donations of undies would be a nice way to help the children at The Haven, because used clothing is available, but underwear needs to be new.  Women and children who are fleeing domestic violence often start over with nothing.  Susan Foulk commented, “It makes sense that if you buy food, you buy basic clothing.  Everybody has a right to food and basic clothing.  It would be harder to ask for underwear than for food.  From the dignity side of things, you never imagine that…

—See the full story in the October 15 edition of the Northern Neck News!