Back at this month’s Westmoreland Board of Supervisors meeting – just before people started holing up in their homes to avoid the Coronavirus – there was a quick matter that cropped up. This topic involved the issue of a resolution that had been adopted back in October 2017 that revolved around bringing the roads in Placid Bay up to snuff.

As explained by County Administrator Norm Risavi in a short letter to the board, VDOT had requested that the board amend a revenue sharing resolution that had been adopted in October 2017, in which the county had committed itself to providing their half of the funds needed for paving projects in Placid Bay.

The change in language, according to Risavi, does not have any impact on the budgeted amount for the projects. As a result, it did not take long for the board to rescind its original resolution and put a new one in place with the fresh language, which stated that “The Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors hereby commits to fund its local share of preliminary engineering, right-of-way, and construction (as applicable) of the projects under agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation in accordance with the project’s financial documents.”

The areas in question that were slated for paving are Albrough Boulevard and two portions of Holly Way, and cost in the neighborhood of $238,500 from the County’s end, which VDOT then matched. According to VDOT’s George Bowman in a previous meeting, the Albrough Project route 1310 Rural addition was completed, which leaves Holly Way’s two phases. Once these projects are complete, Placid Bay will be that much closer to being fully-paved.


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