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Andy Hall, Reedville Plant General Manager; Monty Deihl, VP of Ocean Fleet Services; Linda Nessul, RFM Board President; Lee Langston-Harrison, RFM Executive Director; Jane Crowther, Sr. Director of Refined Oils at Omega’s Health & Science Center gather for a check ceremony recently at Omega’s corporative offices in Reedville.

Amid swirling controversy, Omega Protein brought great news to the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum recently. The Ocean Fleet Services Vice President, Reedville Plant General Manager, and their Sr. Director of the Health & Science Center presented the President of the Museum’s Board of Directors and the Museum’s Executive Director with a ten thousand dollar check last week. This check will cover the lion’s share of the Museum’s annual Independence Day fireworks.  

Andy Hall, Monty Deihl and Jane Crowther met with Linda Nessul and Lee Langston-Harrison at Omega’s corporate headquarters in Reedville to present a check that will help sponsor the majority of 2020’s annual fireworks. “We are thrilled to receive this donation from Omega – and hope that the community will come out on July fifth to enjoy the fireworks that this company sponsors,” Linda Nessul, Museum board President stated. “The Museum could not provide this free event enjoyed by thousands if it weren’t for Omega’s continued support.”

For more information about the Independence Day celebration, contact the museum at 804-453-6529.