Lights brighten the town on Montross during the holiday season.

Photo by the Town of Montross Facebook page

Back in January, there was talk at the Montross Town Council meeting about how to obtain fresh lights for the town to string across King’s Highway. The lights were old and frayed, and in dire need of replacement. To help fund it, the idea came about to allow people to pledge money in memory of friends and family to buy up strands of lights, an approach not unlike what is used to light the town’s Christmas tree during its spirit festival. At last month’s meeting, Town Manager Patricia Lewis had an update on the situation with the lights.

“As of the time of this meeting, I have 6 paid strands and 13 commitments,” Lewis revealed, “and I’m sure I’m going to get the rest in short order.”

 Donors to the lights ranged from businesses to individuals, with several mentioning an interest in buying more strands. Furthermore, the plan is for the light poles to have little banners that display not just who made the donation for the lights, but the name of the person being memorialized.

“It’s amazing, and we’ve gotten all of this since the last meeting,” Lewis added. As of the time of this writing, there will have been a meeting with the folks from the lighting company by representatives from the Westmoreland Volunteer Fire Department, who are responsible for putting the lights up each Christmas. There was a sale for the past two months that involved buying three strands or ornaments for the price of two, and was slated to cost roughly $12,000, at $550 per light strand, with snowflakes costing $215 and stars clocking in at $135.

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