Last year, Atlantic Broadband devoted $750,000 worth of airtime to its Voices for Understanding campaign, an effort to promote inclusion, diversity, justice and equality, and the company plans to continue the initiative in 2021.

Ahead of Human Rights Day, Atlantic Broadband decided not only to contribute to  the conversation about promoting unity and understanding, but also to ensure other voices are heard. 

The company created a 30-second public service announcement based on the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and invited several nonprofit organizations to provide PSAs, or spots, around issues they focus on.

In October, the company began running the PSAs on two dozen cable networks across its 11-state service area, which spans from Maine to Florida.

“The goal is to promote unity and understanding in our communities about these issues and allowing organizations that are committed to these issues to speak on it and being heard helps to promote that objective,” explained Andrew Walton, Atlantic Broadband’s head of corporate communications.

For its initial run, Atlantic Broadband worked with The King Center, 100 Black Men of America and Search for Common Ground. The campaign also included two spots from the Ad Council.

All the organizations are 501(c)(3)s, so they normally operate with very restricted budgets, and television is a costly medium. “These organizations have a deep and authentic commitment to the issues this campaign aims to address, and they do great work. By providing this opportunity at no cost it’s a way to make sure their message gets out,” said Walton.

“Some folks might not even know some of these organizations exist if we hadn’t run their spots and given them exposure on our cable networks,” he added.

“The issues of inclusion, justice and diversity pertain to a range of issues, including race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability and more. And justice includes economic justice, concern for the environment, and peaceful conflict resolution around the world,” Walton further explained. 

“So, the Voices for Understanding campaign hopes to address a range of issues related to these topics.” Therefore, Atlantic Broadband has committed to make it an ongoing initiative.

“We believe it is important to set aside a certain portion of the advertising inventory for organizations that do great work in our communities,” said Walton, adding that Atlantic Broadband will be identifying more organizations this year and providing airtime for them to make their voices heard.

Organizations interested in being considered can write to