The Northumberland County Public Schools’ School Board met at the Northumberland County Middle/High School Auditorium for a regular meeting. The meeting was open to the public practicing physical distancing and face covering requirements. The public had access through audio conferencing as a result of COVID-19 guidelines.

The School Board approved the following personnel:

Northumberland Middle English Language Arts Teacher Ms. Sarah Coyle.

The School Board approved the supplement personnel listed with the following contingencies:

-Further guidance for school and sport participation due to COVID-19;

-The programs, activities and sports actually taking place;

-Final installments will be issued/released after formal evaluation of the sponsor/coach and proper return of equipment/uniforms/property, etc.

NMS Academic: Sheila King, NMS Computer Lab Additional Duties; Stacey Lee, NMS Summer Reading & NMS One School One Book; Jennifer Thomas, NMS Extra French Class.

NMS Athletics: Michael Stevenson, NMS Athletic Director; Terrell Diggs, NMS Girls Basketball; Lon Patrick, NMS Soccer; Eddie Barnes, NMS Golf; Katelyn Orem, NMS Volleyball; Victoria West, NMS Cheerleading.

NHS Academics/Other: Madeline Lee, Performance Band; Latasha Lee, Performance Choir; Michelle Roberti, Junior Class Sponsor; Shelby Brooks, Senior Class Sponsor; Michelle Roberti, Forensics Sponsor; Karen Baker, Senior BETA Club; Karen Baker, Yearbook Sponsor; Sterling Harris, Chess Club Sponsor; Molly Fraizer, Flag Corps; Gary Dickens, Academic Competition; Holly Swann, Dance Team Sponsor 1st Semester.

NHS Athletics: Teresa Rock, Varsity/Jr. Varsity Athletic Director; Anjelica Scott, Varsity/Jr. Varsity Assistant Athletic Director; Madeline Lee, Band Director; Teresa Rock, Athletic Field Maintenance; Gary Dickens, Robotics NHS Team Sponsor.

Other: Anjelica Scott, Student Support Team Chair NHS; Jessica Rogers, Child Study Chair NES/NMS; Angela Ellis, Eligibility Coordinator Division wide; Tammy Wilkins, PAES Coordinator.

Other Schoool Board actions:

-Approved Dr. Wargo to move forward with the RFP# 2021-005 New School Board Building.

-Approved waiving Hands on CPR Training for bus drivers due to COVID-19 requirements of physical distancing. On-line training is still available.

-Approved the Memorandum of Agreement with the Virginia Department of Education Virtual Virginia Program for 2020-2021.

-Approved the Memorandum of Agreement with Commonwealth of Virginia Three Rivers Health District for treatment and use of the drug epinephrine.

-Approved the Payroll by Timesheet rates for 2020-2021.

Dr. Wargo updated the board on the Health & Safety Mitigation Training as it relates to COVID-19 pandemic. VaCorp, Inc., the School’s insurance carrier, offers a library of COVID-19 and risk management resources. A link has been posted on their website.

Director of Data Assessment and Accountability Mrs. Virginia Booth presented information on Powerschool Enrollment Express. The software will allow parents/guardians to enroll their child online, eliminating the mounds of paper required at registration. Administrative teams will be available at each school to help with the process for parents/guardians that do not have computer or internet capabilities.

Mrs. Virginia Booth also reported to the Board the survey results from Northumberland County Public Schools’ Families and Employee Return to Learn Survey. There were 400 families, 667 students and 137 staff participation. The survey results can be found using the following link: Return to Learn Survey Results

New guidance was received from the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Department of Education, reported Dr. Wargo. Dr. James Lane, State Superintendent of Education, stated Phase 3 guidance allows schools 3 feet of physical while wearing the required face coverings.

The Fall 2020-2021 NCPS Fall Return to Learn Goal Plan was approved by the board. The new start date for 2020-2021 will be August 24. All in person students will be released at 2:45 p.m. The plan is available on our website Fall Return to Learn Plan

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