While many rising seniors are resting on their laurels prior to the beginning of school, Washington & Lee High School senior Lindsey Ristau is busy planning for the International Leadership Conference on June 23-26, 2021. She competed in the state HOSA (health and science students) competition and placed first in the state in the Nursing Assistant competition after competing against four other state finalists, who had worked up to the second level. She will now represent Virginia at the international HOSA competition. HOSA competitions are for students who are studying in any type of medical practice to compete among their peers. Lindsey is a Nurse Aide student at the Northern Neck Technical Center, in addition, to attending Washington & Lee High School.

Northern Neck Technical Center Assistant Principal, Todd Davis, noted Lindsey “excelled at managing the challenges and changes this past year brought with adapting to online course delivery and a hybrid schedule. Lindsey’s attendance was outstanding. She finished with the highest GPA of her class. She also stood out at clinical at Carrington Place where she demonstrated a remarkable work ethic for her age and a caring, empathetic attitude when caring for others. In the state HOSA competition, she competed against mostly Licensed Practical Nurse students who were from much larger programs. We were honored to name her the Nurse Aide 2020/2021 Student of the Year and the NNTC Female Student of the Year.”

This was the first competition Lindsey has competed in. She explained, “Personally, I wanted to enter this competition as I knew deep in my heart that I was bound to be a change in someone else’s life when the time comes. In fact, when I entered this competition, I gained a lot of experience from skills on how to treat those in need when my time comes.” Needless to say, this honor student’s favorite subject is Science and she hopes to be an anesthesiologist. “When preparing for the HOSA competition, I worked with my nurse aide instructors, Mrs. Moore and Mr. Sydnor. On the week I attended in person, as a whole, we would read over the skills and then perform them, thus allowing my brain to remember them easier.”

She constantly is planning for tomorrow. Unlike many of her peers, Lindsey is already focused on her dream school, the University of Lynchburg. “My favorite thing to do each day is wake up and see that I am one step closer to becoming an anesthesiologist.” She recently passed her Nurse Aide State Board exam and is awaiting her license so she can volunteer or work in a hospital or clinic.

When not studying, Lindsey loves to spend time with her family and friends. Her parents are Craig and Nancy Ristau of Hague, Virginia. She has an older brother, Jacob. Her family offers her a strong support system and were present at the NNTC presentation. Her mother is an English teacher at Washington & Lee High School. Lindsey is also a volleyball and soccer player for the Eagles.

The HOSA (Future Health Professionals) competition brings together the top science students. Unlike other clubs, HOSA is an instructional tool that “works best” when it is integrated into the HSE (Health Science Education) and health science related curriculum. NNTC Nurse Aide students are all members of HOSA. According to their website, HOSA “is an international student organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education division of ACTE. Their mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.”

As Lindsey prepares for the international competition, her focus never waivers. She notes, “There will be times when it feels like the world has caved in on you; however, you must remember the reason you chose the dream you did. After all, your dreams know the way.” Lindsey has already found the way to success. Her hard work and desire to learn will take her far. Congratulations on her NNTC accomplishments and we wish her much success in the upcoming HOSA competition.