Washington & Lee High School graduate Harley Heath was the number one summa cum laude student for the class of 2020.

Washington & Lee High School followed a Cum Laude system this year in acknowledging graduates.  This year eight graduating seniors were recognized for attaining superior academic achievement as Summa Cum Laude graduates. The eight students were ranked according to their grade point average. Top student was Harley Heath, 4.3284; Katelyn Kirtley, 4.3051; Alicia Turner, 4.2373; Madison Fraenckel, 4.2167; Adrianna Carter, 4.1736; David Lemke, 4.1538; Daniel Berry, 4.1515; and Destiny Crockett, 4.0172.

All eight students have been accepted into college.  Harley Heath is headed to Pennsylvania State University, while Katelyn Kirtley and Adrianna Carter are going to James Madison University.  Alicia Turner and Destiny Crockett are Virginia Commonwealth University bound. Danny Berry and David Lemke are preparing to enter Old Dominion University.  Madison Fraenckel will be attending the University of Virginia.

Congratulations to all of these superb scholars.

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