E.J. Smith at his desk

E.J. Smith using his new desk.

Two wonderful volunteers have been building small desks so that Boys & Girls Club members can complete school homework assignments or work on projects in their own space at home. “To date 15 have been built and more may be planned as the need arises. This is just one example of how the community has rallied to help us during this still-uncertain time,” says club executive director Phillip Mumford.

Charles Springett is one of the volunteers who has been donating time and materials to build these desks that are slim in profile when folded and can easily accommodate a Chrome book and other school supplies when open. “I found this simple design in Annapolis and have been refining it as I go along. It has been satisfying to know that I can help address a need in our community,” says Springett, a retired naval architect.  

For further information on volunteer opportunities at BGCNN, please contact Jonathan Putt at 804-435-9696 or jputt@bgcnn.org.