As the months go by, more and more of the new high school emerges. By the time of last week’s Westmoreland County School Board meeting, several foundational slabs had been placed, including for the gymnasium, the auditorium, the performing arts wing, and the electrical room.

“Just going out there and seeing the slabs is pretty impressive,” Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry stated during the monthly facility update. “I didn’t realize how big some of these rooms were until I saw them pour the slab. There’s a lot of stuff under that concrete, from pipes to wiring.”

Chairman Ralph Fallin also paid the construction site a visit, commenting afterwards, “I get excited whenever I see this. It’s truly impressive out there. When you walk down where the hallway will be, you see that huge slab where the two rooms will be, and then you see the sheer size of the storage room, and how that allows you to walk on the stage area. It’s huge; it truly indicates how important we think the arts are.”

The other good news is that the contingency fund still remains largely intact, with only $101,479 of the $1,780,920 having been spent as of the time of the meeting. What does this mean for the school? Well, there has to be at least $700,000 left in there by the time of completion in order to insure that the auditorium is finished.

“That’s phenomenal,” Vice Chairman Dr. Wallace chimed in. “Normally, at this point, a lot of the contingency funds are spent on the slab work.”

“The ground normally eats your contingency,” agreed Dr. Perry, “but the way they were able to move dirt, come back and compact it and use what was there instead of having to haul a lot of it off-site or bring more on-site saved us a lot of money.”

In the upcoming months, there will be several meetings regarding furniture and fixtures, as well as the interior. According to Dr. Perry, February 2022 is the projected date at the moment for when absolutely everything is completed.