Whenever someone sets out on a task, it always helps to have an objective in mind. Much like the School Board of Westmoreland County, its Superintendent has some goals of his own, which he laid out back at last month’s regular meeting.

The first on this list of goals to be presented was to have a Capital Improvement Plan to be presented before the Board of Supervisors around June or July of next year.

“The plan will be completed way before then,” Dr. Perry explained, “But I think this would be the optimal time to present it to the Board of Supervisors”

Next were the implementations of the state’s growth measurement program, as well as student improvement plans at each school, with the goal of targeting learning gaps that arose as a result of the lockdowns in response to the then-unknown aspects of the Coronavirus. Plans to improve the school division’s website and its communications are also in the works.

The next goal, safety, was, according to Dr. Perry, “Something we wish and pray for each year. We want a year free of accidents and mishaps with students or employees.”

There are also three projects that the Superintendent was planning on completing with a little help from the CARES funding. The projects in question were not named at the meeting, however. Completing the grading of the athletic field behind the new high school is another priority.

“That’s something I just want done because I’m concerned of what might happen if we don’t get it done this year,” he explained, as failure to complete it before Branch Builds leaves will likely result in a project that is costlier than if Branch Builds completed it while they were still on-site.

Dr. Perry is also seeking to have the high school counselors publicize scholarships and activities at the high school.

“I know that a lot of the time, I get talked to as if that’s something I do,” Dr. Perry stated, “But it’s really something the High School does. We’re going to make sure they get the information that’s being requested.”

School Board Vice Chair Iris Lane chimed in afterwards with a question.

“Could you also provide a list of students that get certain credentials?” she asked, “Because while people at the Northern Neck Technical Center might know, and so might the School Counselors, a lot of the time, it’s not publicized here, and I think it’s important. “

“That’s something I’ll pass on to the High School,” Dr. Perry replied. With the school year having just barely started, it remains to be seen how well the implementation of these various goals will go, but the fact is, any time you get even one goal taken care of, it’s something worth celebrating.