While everyone is busy watching out for Coronavirus, life goes on, and school as well, which means people still need to get paid and places need funding, and school systems are no exception. In this case, there was a matter brought before Westmoreland County’s School Board back in April dealing with a pair of funding applications that were to be sent up the pipe to the state and federal governments.

Assistant Superintendent Cathy Rice stated that this was part of an annual funding application sent to the Federal government, in order to partially fund the system’s special education program. The anticipated amount is to the tune of $382,190 for K-12 special education.  Furthermore, some of the funds are used for two early childhood special-ed teachers, the bill for them lies in the ballpark of $19,575.

An application for federal funds with regards to career and technical education was also addressed at the meeting. According to Rice, in order to get the CTE-Perkins funds, which is federal money that goes towards career & technical education, an annual application needed to be sent. The amount of funding that had been anticipated was to the tune of $41,706 and change. Rice elaborated on why a short while later.

“I say ‘anticipate’ because the actual figures for next week’s funds have not been released yet. So we use the amount that we had been given for the current school year.”

Nearly a quarter of the anticipated funds would go towards updating and modernizing equipment in the CTE classrooms. Furthermore, more money has been set aside for professional development and payment to the Northern Neck Technical Center, as well as financial assistance for economically-disadvantaged students, and another part was set aside for the purchase of online annual subscriptions to CTE programs used in the classrooms.

Both applications were met with unanimous approval by the School Board, and by now have been sent along up the chain.

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