The months creep by, and with each one, Westmoreland County Public Schools’ solar projects get closer and closer to completion. Started just a few years back, the ball really got rolling around last January, culminating with Cople Elementary’s solar facility coming online. Washington District is presently the next in line to get their panels installed and hooked in, and progress is being made lickety-split, if Dr. Perry’s facility update back at the December School Board meeting was any indication.

“The county has come through and inspected all the work that’s been done,” he explained. “The Commonwealth is now beginning to take their stuff away, and we’re in that place not unlike where Cople Elementary waited two to four weeks before turning it on. Right now they’re at the point where they’re testing and preparing to make the power transition. This could not have come at a better time, thanks to the students being out of school on their break.”

It’s thanks to this break period that Dr. Perry indicated that the project at Washington District was nearing completion.

“We’re very close to the switch being thrown and cheaper energy flowing in.”

It remains to be seen whether Montross Middle School or Washington & Lee High School will be the next of the Westmoreland County Public Schools to feature a solar array.