2019 School Board

The afternoon of Wednesday, November 20, at the awards luncheon during the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) Annual Convention, the Richmond County School Board was announced as the VSBA School Board of the Year. This title is given to one outstanding school board each year to recognize their efforts and accomplishments. The judges selected the Richmond County School Board, whose strong application reflected their desire for continuous improvement which permeates the fabric of the school division and is infectious to the surrounding community.

“The Richmond County School Board will long cherish and remember this award,” said Mr. John Brown, Richmond County School Board Chair. “It is an affirmation of the collective resolve the School Board shares to provide the quality education each student richly deserves. All must fully realize, this is not a singular effort, but a culmination of many. The School Board expresses great appreciation to all of our community stakeholders for their contributions and unwavering support. We are very honored to be selected as the VSBA School Board of the Year, 2019.”

The board was recognized at the VSBA Annual Convention in Williamsburg, which brings together school board members, superintendents, division administrators, and education officials from across the state.

The Virginia School Boards Association, a voluntary, nonpartisan organization of Virginia school boards, promotes excellence in public education through advocacy, training, and services. The Association offers conferences, information, training, and counseling designed to meet the needs of the Commonwealth’s educational leaders.

Left to right: Pat Pugh, Ken Blackley, Kathleen F. Beane, John Brown, Vivian Wood