With the coronavirus still fresh in everyone’s heads, perhaps a bit of news completely unrelated to it is warranted for a change. In this case, well the folks on the Westmoreland County School Board made the announcements for Teacher of the Year in each of the four schools.

“We’re very excited,” Deputy Superintendent Cathy Rice mentioned while reading off the list. Cople Elementary’s teacher of the year was Ms. Tamitha Williams a Kindergarten instructor, while Washington District Elementary selected Guidance Counselor Matt Freno. At Montross Middle School, meanwhile, Mr. Bruce Passaretti was given the title. Washington & Lee High School, in turn, awarded the spot to Ms. Stone in the language arts department.

“These teachers are nominated and selected by their fellow teachers,” Rice commented after listing off the names. “It’s simply an honor bestowed upon them by their peers.”

At the time of the announcement, there was still discussion going on and virtual interviews being conducted to select the division-wide teacher of the year.

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