The Northumberland County School Board met on Monday, January 13, at 6 p.m. in the Northumberland High School  & Northumberland Middle School auditorium. The meeting began with the reorganization of the board: Betty Christopher, Board Chair; Gayle Sterrett, Vice-Chair; Donna Booth, Clerk; and Shelley Vanlandingham, Deputy Clerk. Other appointments included Dana O’Bier who will serve as the regional joint board member for the Northern Neck Technical Center and Northern Neck Regional Alternative Education Program, and Mrs. Gayle Sterrett who will serve as the joint board member of the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School.

Betty Christopher will serve as the Virginia School Board Association Delegate, and Gayle Sterrett will serve as the VSBA Alternate Delegate. Finally, Gayle Sterrett will serve as liaison for the Northumberland County Education Association. The school board will continue to meet on the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the NMS/NHS Auditorium.

Google Classroom Presentation

Rachel Hall, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, and Karissa Barnes, NMS Mathematics Teacher & ITRT, presented on the G Suite for Education, a program used by students and teachers in grades four through twelve. The G Suite initiative provides students with protected and limited access to various Google applications such as Docs, Slides, and Classroom. The Google Classroom is a resource used by teachers across the country to create and manage students’ assignments while offering students a platform to collaborate with each other.

Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) Presentation

Army JROTC Instructor Sergeant First Class Derrick Lemon introduced NHS students who participated in a competition. On December 14, 2019, Northumberland Army JROTC attended a drill competition at Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth Virginia. Cadets competed in five events: Unarmed Platoon (Commanded by C/Ssg Liz Rynard), Unarmed squad (Commanded by C/Maj Ashley Burgess), Inspection (Commanded by C/Ltc Pierce Delcourt), Armed Squad (Commanded C/Cpt Taylor Hayden), Color Guard (Commanded by C/Cpt Kendra O’Malley). At the competition, the unit managed to achieve first place in Unarmed Platoon, and third place in Unarmed Squad. All members of the competition team are labeled below respectively:

C/Lt. Col Delcourt commanded the Inspection Platoon. He is also the Battalion Commander, which means he is in charge of all of the cadets in the program and works with the instructors to make sure day to day functions of the unit runs smoothly. C/Maj. Burgess commanded the Unarmed Squad. She is the Battalion Executive Officer, in charge of the unit in the case that the Battalion Commander is unavailable. She also works closely with the instructors for daily functions. C/1 st Lt. O’Bier is the Battalion’s S-5, or Special Projects officer. She works with fellow staff members to take pictures of the unit. She also manages the social media platforms. C/Cpt. Hayden commanded the Armed Squad. He is the Battalion S-4 or Logistics officer. He works with fellow staff members to make sure all supplies are in order and also issues uniform items. Unarmed Squad (C/MAJ Ashley Burgess) C/Sgt Jazmine Mena, C/Sgt Madeline Oliff, C/1 st Lt Erianna O’Bier, C/Cpt Emily Burgess, C /1 st LT Kendra O’Malley, C/2 nd Lt Briasia Butler Armed Squad (C/Cpt Taylor Hayden) C/ Ltc Pierce Delcourt, C/Ssg Matthew Kelley, C/Ssg Dylan Packett,C/1 st LT Erianna O’Bier, C/Ssg Darrah Downing, C/Ssg Braedon Willett Unarmed Platoon (C/Ssg Liz Rynard) C/Sgt Jazmine Mena, C/Ssg Madeline Oliff, C/2 nd Lt Briasia Butler, C/Ltc Pierce Delcourt, C/ Cpt Emily Burgess, C/Cpl Chase Hill, C/Cpl Tushil Chavda, C/Maj Ashley Burgess, C/1 st Lt Kendra O’Malley, C/Sgt Joseph Hinson, C/Ssg Matthew Kelley, C/Sgt Rodrigo Zavala


New hire Shelley Vanlandingham was introduced to the School Board. Shelley joins the division Finance Department and will serve as Finance Specialist focusing on Personnel, Benefits, and Payroll. The School Board approved the following personnel appointments, pending background check and fingerprinting as applicable, for the 2019-2020 year: Marleane Gray, Food Nutrition Substitute; Barbara Seldon, Food Nutrition Substitute; and Teresa Davis, Food Nutrition Substitute. The following supplements were approved: Leah Fisher and Sherri Kent, Essay Reading Evaluators; Shelby Brooks, Senior Class Sponsor (full year); and Connor Samuel, After School Safety & Supervision.

Other actions taken by the board:

-Approval of Overnight Field Trip to attend HOSA State Leadership Conference on March

13-15, 2020 to Williamsburg, Virginia.

-The board approved the date for the 2020-2021 Budget Worksession #1: Thursday, February 6,

2020 at 3 p.m. at the School Board Office, Lottsburg, VA.

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