To say that the new high school in Westmoreland County has been at the front of many peoples’ minds over these last few years is a massive understatement. Washington & Lee High School has served its students and faculty well, but the community is eager for a new chapter in a new school.

Last week, Westmoreland Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry gave a look at just how far things have come, and how much there is left to do. He even used pictures to show how things had looked the year before.

“I went out to the site and tried to take pictures of the exact same locations,” he stated. “A lot of work has been done in twelve months. In 2023, you’ll have a completed building with students moving in and out.”

Interestingly, the update veered towards the cafeteria, an area that Dr. Perry has rarely, if at all, talked about during an update. As it turns out, the cafeteria is not quite finished yet and will be one of the final areas to be completed. The equipment is coming in and getting installed.

With regard to the technology departments, Dr. Perry noted that the projects on that front were starting to come to a close.

“Our technology department is starting to get very active in integrating a lot of our technology and newer tech and putting it in,” Dr. Perry explained. “So that when we do go into the building, everything will be working and it will be the same equipment and procedures that our teachers are used to at this time.”

These projects range from coordinating with Breezeline to complete their installation in the school to coordinating with Branch Builds on how to set up a keying system for the new high school, as well as a plan for transitioning to the new building.

“They are about to be very busy in the coming weeks,” the superintendent continued.

There still remain two big projects to be considered, the first of which revolves around the purchase and installation of a marquee. This project is not included in the work done by Branch Builds. In the meantime, the school board will be looking at LED signs to determine the setup that would be most appropriate within the ordinances set by the town.

The other large final project is what Dr. Perry hopes is the final change order. The football field will be graded, the track and its amenities will be completed, a fence put up and the rest of the infrastructure for the other features one normally finds at an athletic field, such as bathrooms and concession stands. All of this comes in at a total estimated price tag of $943,287.

The date of substantial completion is still slated for around March of this year. That does not mark total completion, but it does mean that it will not be long before the biggest financial venture that the county has ever taken on will be complete.