Anyone passing down Route 3 will have noticed the field that had been purchased by the County from F.F. Chandler to be the site for the new high school has finally had some things happening on it, most notably with a chain link fence popping up around the location. It’s a project many years in the making, and is something the School Board and Board of Supervisors have been working towards for over half a decade already. At the Westmoreland County Public Schools board meeting last month, Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry gave an update on the situation and gave a rough estimate on when it would be finished.

“When we signed the contract on October first, we were thinking it’d take two years to complete, but that date has moved, and it will continue to move. Every construction schedule puts in extra days to account for inclement weather and other circumstances beyond their control. We’ve already accrued some of those, and while they don’t cost money, the delays do shift the date around,” Dr. Perry stated.

According to Dr. Perry, the likely move-in date for the new high school will probably be around fall of 2022. School Board Chairman Ralph Fallin chimed in afterwards: “I think the main cause of that was the delay from having to wait for the Department of Environmental Quality,” he stated. “It wasn’t the only factor, but it was a big one.”

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