School traffic can be a real hair-puller at times. It’s likely why people are so thankful that the bus loop was created, allowing cars to slip to the school, drop off or pick up their kids, and then head out without having to watch for the lumbering yellow behemoths. Old school buildings may be finished, but there is always something new to be done, whether it is adding on to an existing structure, changing things up to handle security concerns of the modern day, or even just fixing a traffic problem. In this case, it was the latter that was brought up during the Westmoreland County School Board meeting in April.

 It was during the School Board’s facility update that Superintendent Dr.  Michael Perry turned to the subject of Montross Middle School after having talked at length about the developments with the new high school’s construction. In this case, it was with regards to alterations to the front doors and the creation of a bus loop. If Dr. Perry’s report is any indication, the process is moving right along.

“Up to this point, they’ve done a field survey, come out and examined existing conditions, and drawn up a schematic design,” he stated during the update. “They have the models, and are doing stuff on the CADs already. They’ve done some co-studies with the County as well as the design development. That’s all done.”

Dr. Perry concluded the update by stating that the construction documents had reached their 25% complete milestone, and it would not be long before they went to bid for the construction of the new school entrance.  In the end, bus and car traffic will be completely separated, and visitors will be funneled through to the visitor’s entrance, while student doors are kept locked at all times.

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