Boys & Girls Club volunteer Ann Vaden was thrilled when she received photos of Heather and John Headley’s work on a project she had designed to introduce children to the artist Henri Matisse. Ann has taught art in classrooms for over 25 years and began working with the Club’s after-school program at Lancaster Primary School last December.  Each month she focused on a different artist’s paintings. After teaching a little about the artist, she then encouraged children to create their own masterpieces. Before the schools closed, her young students had created Henri Rousseau jungles, Georgia O’Keeffe flowers and Claude Monet water lilies.

“The kids were so enthusiastic that I hoped to find a way to continue the program for them at home,” Ann says.

“For the first ‘Art in a Bag’ project, we focused on Henri Matisse and his Beasts of the Sea. Each child received a bag inside their weekly ‘Club on the Go’ packets, with everything they would need to complete the project, including paper, scissors and paint.”  As well, the bags included a copy of the original artwork, a simple “how to” guide, and fun facts about the artist.

When children and their parents come to collect their Thursday meals and activity packets this week at BGCNN’s Activity Center in Kilmarnock, at Queen Esther Baptist Church in upper Lancaster County and at the Northumberland County Library, they will find a “Cezanne in a Bag” project containing a print of a Paul Cezanne still life, paper, pencil, blue and yellow crayons, red and yellow paints, and two paint brushes. “I think the kids will really enjoy this project,” Ann says. “They will use crayons to color the plate and tablecloth, and a little red and yellow paint for the apples. They will learn about Cezanne and a simple way to draw and paint a plate of apples.  We hope to have new projects like this one every two to three weeks.  I can’t wait to see their work!”  

To share your child’s work with Ann Vaden and with the Club’s Facebook followers, please email photos to

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