Sixteen students were guests at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg on December 12. Sponsored by the Career and Technical Education Department of Washington & Lee High School and GEAR UP, the students, under the guidance of CTE instructor Kristina Sanders and CTE director Justin Savoy, were allowed to enter various areas of the hospital. All of the students had expressed an interest in the medical field. Patty Long, GEAR UP Director and Caroline Lacy, W&L counselor also attended the session.

The hospital’s Career Development director, Katie Lantzy and Mary Ann Batshe, Community Outreach Coordinator, met with the students prior to visiting the emergency room and X-Ray areas. They told the students about the numerous positions available in the medical field, the education required to attain the position and starting salaries.  They also told their own personal education journeys to their present positions.

One of the main highlights of the visit was seeing the emergency room. Led by ER charge nurse, Natalie Root, she took the students to various trauma rooms and explained the different types of trauma and how each are addressed. A nurse for over 20 years, Ms. Root explained to the students that nursing offers a myriad of opportunities for young people. She talked to them about the salary opportunities and the availability to travel, if they so desired. Other positions mentioned were physian’s assistant, pediatric nursing, and nurse anesthesiologist.

They also met with Carmen Kiraly, respiratory therapist, who explained her role in the emergency room. Breathing apparatus was shown and she explained how her role is at the “head of the table” so the doctors and others can do their job. Ms. Kiraly spoke of the numerous ways respiratory therapists can be utilized in a hospital. The students also visited the X-ray department and viewed x-ray equipment including the CAT scan.  Brittany Kane, radiology technician, explained her role in the hospital and how one can study and learn about X-Ray technology. Mary Washington Hospital will train someone with an associate’s degree to study with the hospital’s x-ray school.

Students were given a small bag with information about careers with Mary Washington Hospital. There was also more detailed information about the x-ray training. At lunch, Ms. Ashley Sanders, an EMT at the hospital met with the students and explained how she became an EMT and how she is working full-time and attending Mary Washington University.  She held an informative question and answer discussion with the group.

Washington & Lee High School thanked the staff of Mary Washington Hospital for the informative day. This wonderful experience will greatly impact the lives of many of the attending students.

Mary Washington Hospital ER charge nurse, Natalie Root,

explains the components of a trauma room.