Local school board members soon discovered after their election the number of hours they must spend serving their school district.  Each new school board member embarks on their term with an array of training and programs offered by the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA). Many times, the training overlaps a work day or requires the new school board member to sacrifice family time or even work to leave in time to attend a VSBA meeting.

Each January, the VSBA hosts an Employer Commendation Program. This provides school board members the opportunity to thank their employers for providing support and encouragement to perform their school board duties. WMLCPS school board member, Sandra Ramsey, submitted the name of Julie Strickler, Acting Director/Benefit Programs Supervisor of the Westmoreland County Department of Social Services to be recognized.

On February 1, Strickler received a letter of commendation and a certificate of gratitude from the VSBA. According to the VSBA guidelines these awards “serve to remind employers that school board service is an essential and demanding avocation; encourage constructive dialogue concerning local education topics; reinforce the employer’s existing commitment to school board service; and encourage other employees to consider participating in the educational process or to lend their support to those who do.” Strickler was recognized at the March 16, school board meeting.

Two Westmoreland DSS employees are currently WMLCPS school board members. In addition to Ramsey, Katherine Lewis also serves on the board. WMLCPS recognizes Strickler and the Westmoreland DDS and congratulates Strickler on a well-deserved recognition.