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Westmoreland County Public School WDES and MMS students were big winners at the “Girls, Gizmos, and Gadgets” event. Winning students included Kayla Brown, Madison Clark, Lillian MacNamara, Emily Swann, Izabella Bororquez, Adrianah Brown, Kelsea Hill, Nicole Rosier, Dallas Barringer, Sydney Beford, Morgan Gooch, and Samantha Hensarling.  The WDES team was coached by Rob Wright and the MMS team was coached by Laurie Crossman.

Westmoreland County Public Schools’ students gained top honors at the recent Girls, Gizmos and Gadgets event held March 7 at Chesapeake Academy in Irvington. Twelve students from Montross Middle School and Washington District Elementary School were selected to participate in a four STEM challenge. This year’s theme was global warming in the Arctic and the students had to compete in various challenges, such as creating miniature catapults to ward off polar bears and building igloos out of marshmallows.

According to WDES coach, Laurie Crossman, “shouts of encouragement could be heard behind closed doors as the girls tackled the different challenges by building, combining, answering, and finding solutions dealing with each real world issue.” The WDES team consisted of Kaya Brown, Madison Clark, Lillian MacNamara and Emily Swann (4th grade representatives); Izabella Bojorquez, Adrianah Brown, Kelsea Hill, and Nicole Rosier (5th & 6th WDES grade competitors) and Dallas Barringer, Sydney Bedford, Morgan Gooch, and Samantha Hensarling represented MMS (6th grade representatives).

The fourth grade team from WDES won three out of four challenges and were named the overall winners of the competition. Montross Middle School won three out of four of their challenges and were named winner of their group competition.

The teams were coached by Rob Wright (WDES) and Laurie Crossman (MMS). Congratulations to all of the STEM competitors for an excellent win and for being exceptional representatives of Westmoreland County Public Schools.