If there’s one group that moved slicker than a rubber ball coated in grease, it’s got to be the food service folks that work for Westmoreland County’s public schools. As mentioned at previous times, Westmoreland County’s staff has gone the extra mile in serving up meals that got rapidly delivered to students along with work packets.

The key thing about these meal deliveries? It likely has to do with the fact that Westmoreland County was the only one with a food prep crew that was ready, willing, and able to serve up and deliver hot meals, a feat that those on the school board would often repeat while singing their praises to the food staff.

The update from last month, however, was a touch different. This time it was an emphasis on how vital communication had been to allow the deliveries and food to arrive quickly, efficiently, and avoid contact with the coronavirus as well.

“There were several programs that had to shut down at various points for different time periods because of COVID-19,” Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry explained, “some volunteers involved came down with the disease or were in contact with someone that had it.

“We’ve been very fortunate that the community has communicated extremely well, to the point that we knew our sick areas and made plans accordingly. This meant that there was no disruption to our food service.”

All in all, a valuable lesson has been learned from the lockdown that resulted from the pandemic, and according to Dr. Perry, it was “that food service and transportation are crucial to any long-term pandemic plan we have, because not only can they cook and deliver food, they can also help with any plan we come up with.”

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